• Classique is a designer furniture company founded in 1974, manufacturing and supplying indoor and outdoor furniture for residential and commercial use. Actualise Design has completed redesigning the Classique website for the second time in three years, as a requirement to keep the site design contemporary while also providing an entirely new CMS to improve usability and efficiency of the site administration.
  • Already very familiar with the Classique company having been a customer of Actualise Design for multiple years, understanding the needs of the redesign and development was relatively straight forward. The previous site redesign had past it's use-by date while also having significant CMS limitations provided by a previous vendor that needed to be replaced.
  • Upon commencement of project, careful thought was put into the site structure and information architecture requirements to lead the design stage. New dedicated pages were added to the site map as well as restructuring and adding additional information sets on products that could be best utilised for search and filtering.
  • Once the design of each page had been completed, development was undertaken at full speed, including building unique responsive layouts for HD monitors through to tablets and smartphones. We also provided a new CMS with custom administration fields optimised for each page of the site including products catalogue.
  • The delivery of the project was challenged by a limited budget, tight timeframes and changing requirements of multiple stakeholders. In feat of these tests, Actualise Design was still able to successfully deliver the project and continues to work with Classique on site upgrades and digital marketing initiatives.


“Right from the start, their service has been prompt, highly professional and they’ve understood the brief of their client .... faster than a bullet.

Their ability to develop solutions to solve technical problems is first-class and they’ve always offered honest and straightforward suggestions for a more cost-effective way of designing and implementing every campaign.

Actualise Design can be thoroughly recommended for new clients on the horizon.”

Dave Bihari
Managing Director


Horizon Interactive Awards Winner (Gold) – Corporate & B2B

Horizon Interactive Awards Winner (Silver) – Responsive / Mobile Design

Horizon Interactive Awards Winner (Silver) – Email - Promotion

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