• zusa is a consumer search platform and the world's first diversity business directory. zusa has been created entirely in-house and included almost every service offered by Actualise Design under web, mobile, print and branding service lines.
  • zusa started out from a need to find businesses where the staff speak the same language as the customer, primarily targeted at international travellers and migrants new to Australia (initially).
  • The name ‘zusa’ was chosen due to its short and distinctive text, connection to community and it’s tie in with the tagline "the Z to A of all of US." where each character of the name is utilised.
  • zusa began its product development as an app consisting of detailed consumer and business research, product planning and app design. Upon completion of these essential details, native app development was commenced for Android and the iPhone. After months of iterations, the zusa app has been launched as a beta open to the public.
  • Following launching the MVP of the app, development of the website version of zusa to replicate all the functionality of the app online was set out, using web design and development techniques optimised for desktop search and business users. The website is currently under development with additional pages and functionality continually being added.
  • zusa is currently building traction in Sydney Australia and Dublin Ireland as initial markets. You can try it for free either on the website or in app. zusa is establishing a strong brand on social media and presently has over 150,000 Facebook fans.


Horizon Interactive Awards Winner (Gold) – Consumer Information

Horizon Interactive Awards Winner (Silver) – Mobile Apps - Utility

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